Thursday, December 4, 2008


I probably wasn't thinking at all when I sketched this. Five years ago I had major plans to start my own line of tee-shirts and I wanted this particular smiley to be my logo. I was going to call it TasmaiNIAN Devil. Then I was in the tenth grade and not so ambitious, so the plans fell through and this is all that remains of it.

Tasmainian Devil is also one of my many many many names. The list is practically endless. At work, everyone prefers to call me Tazz. Other variations are Raz-Ma-Taz, Tazzai, Tassie, Tas, Tasu, Tasami, Tasma-ee etc. etc. Some how people tend to find my name hard to remember or pronounce. I forget which one it is.

The origin of my name lies in the Sanskrit Scriptures of Ancient India or some such thing. What surprised me was the meaning of my name. Apparently, it's the Sanskrit name of an Indian sweet dish. And here I was thinking it had some very deep meaning.


I drew this totally by accident. Once I'd finished I saw that he looked a little mad so I added the dialog. It probably reflected the mood I was in then.

Anyway, when my colleague saw it he said it looked like our super boss. I couldn't argue with that. He was bang on.


She's my favorite person on mafia and one of the sweetest. I drew this to show her how much I love her. Emily you're an awesome person and I'm so glad you're back. Hope you like the illustration of you.Mwah! xoxoxo


I'm still not done with my illustration experiments, In fact I'm probably going to be posting tons of people now.

This one is of my colleague Joy. Lol. That's his surname. He's like freaking funny and ridiculously hilarious and you can count on him to make any situation lighthearted no matter how bad. He's been blessed with the gift of humor. Keep the jokes coming Joy. It's great entertainment especially when I'm bored as hell and have nothing to do. Hehe.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Lead

If I ever draw for like a comic book or something, she's going to be me. Except I think I'll need to draw the hair in a more wavy fashion. Ooh this was also me the last time I was high. Apparently I just smiled the entire night. I don't recall doing that, but the pictures showed otherwise :-P.

Time and Tide waits for no one. Neither do I

I hate waiting for people. Hate maybe a strong word but as a person who is punctual and as a person who usually arrives before time, I'm allowed to express the way I feel in more vehement terms. I mean come on, how hard is it to be on time. When you know how the traffic is everyday(or whatever the other standard excuses are)you take precautions or avoid such crunch situations.

According to me, when someone is late, it shows the respect that that person has for me and my time. It also shows me their perspective on a bunch of things, giving me valuable insight into their lifestyle and personality. It becomes hard to trust the person when he/she makes a commitment. And it also obviously means their taking me for granted.Grr. Just cause India is famous for our terrible sense of time doesn't mean we all just stop trying to be more umm let me see now..gracious maybe or polite.

I was supposed to look really angry, but I decided that making me frown required more muscle usage when compared to smiling. Plus it's just easier this way. :-)


This is a story of a boy named Matt and a girl named Maddie. OK, not really, but these where the first things that popped into my mind. These two are just made for each other and all in love and I needed to draw people together just for my sake. :-)
Plus their similar hands make them a match made in heaven.Lol.


I'm learning photoshop and illustrator now and I'm slowly making my illustrations more neat. Soon it will be color experimentation time. Woot. I actually drew this cause Saju asked me to and since he's teaching me and being so nice, I just couldn't say no. I had no idea this would turn out so well though! I should do a picture comparison just to see how close I got. This is also a fabulous and personalized way of gifting. I'll just draw them, frame it and present it to them. After all, one day it might be worth millions. Ha, I wish :-P.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Good Building

I have no idea why I even drew this. It's one of those times when I draw whatever my mind dishes out so that those sketches can trigger a chain of thought that can lead to a big idea and win me an award. At that moment it seemed to take me in a totally different direction.

Now, when I look at it, I think of people of all races and religions coming together to build a strong world. What do you guys see?

Girl's Night Out

Monday night was brilliant. What started off as a sad day turned into a great evening with a whole bunch of very unlikely coincidences.

I was supposed to head home early from work to get my voter's ID but due to non-stop coaxing and promises of a fun evening by a friend, I decided to crash at her place. The plan was to watch a bunch of movies and hang out. But, we ended up going to a pre-party event that was a grand gala for Jethro Tull and Anoushka Shankar. The party was wonderful, drinks were on the house and I met someone who I thought I'd probably never see again.

Footie Love

I admit that I don't know too much about soccer, but I absolutely love it. I love watching the game and the adrenaline rush that goes with it. Although I actually prefer watching countries play against each other (UEFA or FIFA) rather than the League Championships. Thats mainly because I find it confusing. I don't get the differences between the leagues and seasons et al. Anyone want to help educate me? I'd be mucho grateful. Oooh I love Spain though and I hope they win the FIFA next year cause their freaking awesome. Villa and Torres and Fabregas totally rocked UEFA. Go Spain!


I just realized that most of what I draw is heavily influenced by the different people I meet and the people I hang out with. This one made me think of this guy that I'm totally crushing on.

Guess when I drew this? I thought since I have time to kill, I could explore some illustration styles. I came up with this and in the process of staring and admiring my work of art, I realized this reminds me of my friend Arnaud. The resemblance is striking. :-P

The Joy of Multi-tasking

Same meeting again. I probably forgot to mention that the supposed "internal meeting" started in the morning and ended in the evening and I had to keep myself entertained through it. Let me point out that I did add value at the meeting with my presence, it's just that I'm good at multi-tasking. :-P
My brain needs to be doing a bunch of things so as to keep me engaged every second. So, while I was actively participating in the meeting I was also drawing stuff that was popping up in my head. :-)


We were in an internal meeting regarding one of our clients when my mind began to wander. You can't blame me, the meeting consisted of a 150 page powerpoint and even though I might be exaggerating, it was pretty long and winding and really really boring. To make the meeting more interesting for me, I drew this.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Bright and Shiny

For the past few days, it seems like nothing has been going even remotely right. Work or otherwise. While sharing some of my thoughts with my friend, I learnt something very helpful and it's probably going to seem all philosophical, but I've got to share it.
Basically, I was being my overdramatic self and going on and on about how horrible things are getting and how for all I know, by the time things can better, I could've croaked (I was referring to the unpredictability of life). He said, "In that case you need to find something that can make you happy now,this very instant, so if you do die in the next minute you'll die happy".
That's when something clicked. I didn't see it that way at all and when I got a different perspective, things seemed a lot more effortless. Sharing opened up a new door that I would normally never even know existed. Thanks Jason!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


I did this NLP(Neuro-Linguistic Programming) course. For those of you who think this is Greek, it's actually a study of the sub-conscious mind. In itself it's an awesome course. Richard Bandler and John Grinder together, founded this field of study. It needs an awful lot of practice and concentration. In fact one of their theories that has been proven is that when you're sick, you need to listen to your body and what it wants to tell you. Then you need to do what your body wants you to do and then you feel better. Another way of getting rid of your illness is to picture what color your cough or cold or fever or whatever looks like. (For me my sore throat looks green in my head) Then, you concentrate on that color and change the color in your head and you shift the way your throat feels. I'm going to go clear my head and shift the way I feel.

LOL and I don't mean lots of love

My observation of a female in a long-term relationship. Ok, it's my friend and I did not intend to generalize, but I'm on the guy's side on this one. Mostly because I'm like him. Messy, unorganized and my room looks like a tornado visits it every day. 

Drifting away

Since I suck at drawing and since my brain tends to get wonky when I'm sick, I'm churning out more and more of these random illustrations. Anybody would get upset if I constantly kept drawing them.. With arms wide open, under the sunlight.. Welcome to this place, I'll show you everything.. Aaah there I go again.. 


I posted her 'cause I think she's pretty. Also you guys can guess what she's hiding behind her back. I don't know myself. I'm going to guess medicine as I'm delirious. Too much sneezing and a terrible throat ache sums up how I'm feeling right now. It also explains how much my mind wanders when I'm ill, making me draw ridiculous things. 

Robbie again

This is another Rob Turnbull strip. Those who know him will know that he talks exactly the way I've shown him talk above. It's the way he conveys his annoyance, his love, his impatience and every other emotion. Very few people understand him though. 

Rainy days

I love rainy weather and everything about it. The smell of the earth when the first drops of rain fall, the cloudy skies that somehow manage to make the entire world look fresh and green. It's perfect. You can sit on a couch cuddle up with a good book or a movie and get some hot cocoa to sip on and your set. Or you can just let go. take off your shoes and enjoy the rain. There's something about rain that soothes my soul. No matter how mad, angry, anxious or sad I am rain just makes me happy. While I was writing this I was pretty annoyed about a whole bunch of stuff, I realized that just writing about it comforts me. And this strip cracks me up. 

Love, life and more

I'm getting intellectual about a whole bunch of stuff and this is a product of one of my many scattered, but deep thoughts.  

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I started off this morning with some random drawings. I was trying to draw a mean, crude Pirate and the operative word here is 'trying'. As you can see I failed miserably. It looks more like a Vietnamese war veteran turned farmer. Ahh I try. Being sick for the past two days has definitely not helped. Let me see what else I can dish out today.

Monday, November 10, 2008


At the end of today, I'm actually feeling good. Work wasn't great but I survived. This week (I've predicted) is going to kick some client butt. 


I dedicate this strip to Rob Turnbull. He always makes fun of my height, thought this would be fun :P

Sunday, November 9, 2008


In conclusion I'm hanging out for a bit in my own world, while everyone struggles with their Monday morning issues. Ha good luck to them. No offense and not that I wont be responsible or work or anything. I'll just take a mental vacay for a while. You know, get my groove back on, so that I can rock the rest of the week at work.


To counter the effects of my Monday morning this is what I drew. :) The girl who is ready to kick ass is my best friend Sneha more like "My person"and the other chick who is running after the guy is my other good friend Martina. That's just how she is. Anyway I love you guys. Thanks for having my back all the time, listening to my crap and constant non-stop chatter.


Ok, I hate Mondays and everything about it. When people say they've got the Monday morning blues it's nothing compared to what I feel. Well, you get the idea.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


That's me signing off for the day. It's been long and it's been a bitch. Work hasn't been kind but I have my doodles to keep me happy.

Sweet Sleep

I keep sacrificing my sleep to doodle and every morning I wake up looking like a freaking zombie. I've got to stop doing that except it's so hard not to doodle. It's my favorite thing to do. I even lose track of my actual real working on campaigns and writing for print ads etc... No wonder I get yelled at by my boss. Hmmm looks like I just cant learn my lesson. But nevertheless, the doodles wont stop. :)

Mafia love

It's inspired by this insane game that I play on facebook. Oh, if it isn't clear he's mafia by the way.That's the game I play. At one point of time I'd played the game for three days straight, no sleep and barely any food either.
I met a ton of interesting people and made some great friends. The list is huge but I really love you guys. You all are the best..Kim, Brigitte, Kenin, Shaun, Petar, Kat, Amruth, Chris, Sand, Jimmy, Stevie, ACP, Loz, Kati, Fran, Star, Nikky, Ray Ray, Sarah, Jonathan, Xarey, Amy, Adeline, Daniel, Abraar, Cedric, Tolga, Johan, Speed, Hayley, Natacha, Naty, Burak, Milda, Kazza, Mya, Sean, Jessie, Rob, Shari, RSJ, Laura, Mongar, Emily, Eve, Kris, Michel, Nicole, Derek, Sam Tay, Arnaud, Andrew, Clare, Wes, Christian, Lisa, Suze, Jack, Katie, Jason, Erin, Mari, Phila, Chelsey, Samii, Devi, Taz, Flo.. k you get the point, the list is really really long :)


This is a small strip about my darling little sister. She seriously wouldn't notice Tom Cruise if he was standing in front of her and went down on one knee. She's a dog lover. One of the craziest I've ever seen actually. I'm a dog lover too but I love with a lot less intensity. I also for some random reason love others dogs more than my own loony dog.



Ha-Ha this is the most random thing I have ever drawn. Ok so maybe that's not true but it is rather random. I found it interesting maybe it'll inspire a big idea if I stare at it long enough

Learning always

As a Copywriter, I'm constantly working on making sure that I grow, it isn't as easy as I thought it would be but I'm loving it, every single moment. I've been in the advertising business for six months now and have learned a lot. I know I can never stop learning and that truly the sky's the limit. I prefer " To infinity and beyond" after one of my favorite animated movies.Cheers.

All for one one for all

This is my perspective. Like the Great Russel Peters said, " The world will be filled with beige people soon. "

How old am I?

This is how I'm learning about my inner 2 year old self :P


Hmmm, I think I now know what my blog is going to be about.

The Beginning

So, as my first post as a blogger, I'm just exploring and seeing what I can put up and stuff. I must say that my inspiration for starting my own blog came from two blogs that I love and follow religiously. All I think I'm going to be doing is posting a whole bunch of nonsensical crap. :P