Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sweet Sleep

I keep sacrificing my sleep to doodle and every morning I wake up looking like a freaking zombie. I've got to stop doing that except it's so hard not to doodle. It's my favorite thing to do. I even lose track of my actual real working on campaigns and writing for print ads etc... No wonder I get yelled at by my boss. Hmmm looks like I just cant learn my lesson. But nevertheless, the doodles wont stop. :)


I'm Soumya said...

.. I think you're going to have one more ardent follower of this blog :)
I started to blog at one point n then gave up for no good eason in particular... Maybe you'll inspire me to start all over :)
Keep the good work n the awesome doodles coming

Your newest blog fan(!)

Varun said... you comprehend what sleep is? :D its the pf curse? :)

Mafia COnsigliere said...

You make a good point. Monday is the worst way to spend a seventh of your life