Thursday, December 4, 2008


I probably wasn't thinking at all when I sketched this. Five years ago I had major plans to start my own line of tee-shirts and I wanted this particular smiley to be my logo. I was going to call it TasmaiNIAN Devil. Then I was in the tenth grade and not so ambitious, so the plans fell through and this is all that remains of it.

Tasmainian Devil is also one of my many many many names. The list is practically endless. At work, everyone prefers to call me Tazz. Other variations are Raz-Ma-Taz, Tazzai, Tassie, Tas, Tasu, Tasami, Tasma-ee etc. etc. Some how people tend to find my name hard to remember or pronounce. I forget which one it is.

The origin of my name lies in the Sanskrit Scriptures of Ancient India or some such thing. What surprised me was the meaning of my name. Apparently, it's the Sanskrit name of an Indian sweet dish. And here I was thinking it had some very deep meaning.

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amish rage said...

i <3 the t shirt design. one question though, what's the "L" stand for?