Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Time and Tide waits for no one. Neither do I

I hate waiting for people. Hate maybe a strong word but as a person who is punctual and as a person who usually arrives before time, I'm allowed to express the way I feel in more vehement terms. I mean come on, how hard is it to be on time. When you know how the traffic is everyday(or whatever the other standard excuses are)you take precautions or avoid such crunch situations.

According to me, when someone is late, it shows the respect that that person has for me and my time. It also shows me their perspective on a bunch of things, giving me valuable insight into their lifestyle and personality. It becomes hard to trust the person when he/she makes a commitment. And it also obviously means their taking me for granted.Grr. Just cause India is famous for our terrible sense of time doesn't mean we all just stop trying to be more umm let me see now..gracious maybe or polite.

I was supposed to look really angry, but I decided that making me frown required more muscle usage when compared to smiling. Plus it's just easier this way. :-)

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