Monday, March 23, 2009

I got an Idea!

I was sitting at work trying to type out the 300 word note on my idea for Cannes. While writing it out a series of realizations begin to hit me, literally one after the other. What I learnt was probably something I knew always, though the importance of it had dawned on me now.

I learnt that the best ideas are the ones that are thought off when I am least inhibited. Boundaries and limitations confine the span of my ideation and all the clich├ęd ideas tumble out. It’s only when I have let go off expectation and have truly lost my mind thinking, does the idea pop. Being inhibited has so any levels to it. All this while I thought feeling inhibited only affected me if I was on the stage or in front of a huge crowd. I assumed that inhibition wouldn’t have anything to do with a profession like advertising. Except that it did affect me, albeit in a different way.

Now I’m going back to writing my Cannes note knowing that it would be different from what I set out to write.

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